Rental/Wedding Policies and Application

First Presbyterian Church of Americus, Georgia

As revised effective May, 2015

The members of the First Presbyterian Church in Americus, Georgia are blessed with a wonderful church facility. We have been gifted with a historic sanctuary which is more than 100 years old and seats approximately 200 people. We have a Fellowship Hall that will seat 200 to 250 for programs and/or meals. This building was renovated and expanded in 1994 to include a modern kitchen, more classrooms, and handicap restrooms. Our Education Building has a Nursery for infants and one for toddlers, together with a separate Parlor which will seat approximately 30 people. The building was renovated in 1996.

The church rejoices in being able to share its God-given resources to assist clubs and other organizations by allowing them to use our facilities from time to time. Planning your activities well in advance will assure that the facilities will be available when needed and eliminate conflicts with other events and avoid last minute questions. The procedures which follow have been approved by the Session of the church and are designed to render assistance in the planning of an activity while maintaining the integrity of the programs of our church and preserving the usefulness of the facilities for the future.

Weddings and funerals for active members of this church are an extension of the worship life of the congregation and no rental fees are indicated in these cases for the use of the church’s facilities. Church families, as well as non-church families, are required to pay the staff fees when using the church with the exception of funerals for church families. Organizations sponsored by the church or in which the church is a participating member (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sumter Area Ministerial Association, etc.) are extensions of the church’s ministry and shall not be required to pay any fees.

For activities involving individuals, groups, and organizations that are non-church related (member or non-member) or are not an extension of the church’s ministry, there will be a refundable damage deposit of $500.00 to be paid at the time of the reservation through the church office. The deposit will be refunded after the event if there is no damage, injury, or excessive need for clean up as determined by the staff of the church. Should there be damage that exceeds $500, the deposit will be applied toward the total amount, and it shall be the sole responsibility of the lessee to pay in full.

1. The church facilities (The Sanctuary, Parlor, Nursery, Kitchen and Fellowship Hall) are available on the basis of one event at the church per day at any time the church has not scheduled use of the facilities. (Thursday is currently unavailable due to a weekly permanent booking). Also, the time from Palm Sunday until Easter and the week prior to and following Christmas are only available with approval of the Minister and the Session.

2. No recreation programs other than Church sponsored and approved programs will be allowed.

3. An FPC member may reserve the Church’s facilities at any time it is available. It is recommended that members schedule their use at least 3 months prior to the planned event in order to prevent conflict with use of the facilities by others. Reservation of the facility is not official until a contract for use has been initiated and a $500.00 deposit is paid. (See B.1. below)

3. Non-members may make a request for use of the facilities to the Pastor and church office by completing a request form and paying a $500.00 deposit.

4. Other facilities: Additional rooms in theEducational Building (Adult Library, Children’s Library, and Classrooms) and upstairs in the Fellowship Hall Building may be used with the approval of the Session and at a fee determined by the Session.

1. A DEPOSIT of $500.00 is required for EVERYONE — members and non-members. Deposits will be refunded if a written cancellation notice is given at least 4 weeks in advance of the event, or after the event, if there is no damage, injury, or excessive need for clean up as determined by the staff of the church. (This does not apply to the month of December in which there are no refunds once reserved.) Should there be damage that exceeds $500, the deposit will be applied toward the total amount, and it shall be the sole responsibility of the lessee to pay in full.

2. MEMBERS – The Sanctuary, Parlor, Nursery, Kitchen and Fellowship Hall are available to members of FPC at no charge. THE FPC MEMBER MUST BE AN ACTIVE, PARTICIPATING MEMBER IN ANY ORGANIZATION REQUESTING FACILITY USE. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. However, since staff must perform the necessary janitorial duties and is also required to be on duty to open the church for rehearsals and weddings, the following fees will be payable for each day the following areas are used:

Usage FeeStaff Fee

Sanctuary (meeting)

Sanctuary (rehearsal and wedding)
-0-$125 (includes parlor)

Parlor (non-wedding)

Fellowship Hall (meeting)
-0-$50-100 (sm, med, lg)

Fellowship Hall (reception)

Fellowship Hall (dinner)


-0-$30 (nursery worker)

3. NON-MEMBERS – The Sanctuary, Parlor, Nursery, Kitchen and Fellowship Hall are available for events upon approval of the Session, with the following fees payable for each of the areas used:

Usage FeeStaff Fee

Sanctuary (meeting)


Sanctuary (rehearsal and wedding)

$425 (includes parlor)
$125 (includes parlor)

Parlor (non-wedding)


Fellowship Hall (meeting)

$50-100 (sm, med, lg)

Fellowship Hall (reception)

Fellowship Hall (dinner)


$100$30 (nursery worker)

4. All Usage Fees (not including deposit) are due one month prior to the date of the event.


FPC’s pianist will be given first right of refusal to play for a wedding, funeral, or any other event requiring music. If there is to be organ music, FPC’s organist-on-call must play for an event or meet with and approve another organist.

  • Both church members and non-members should be prepared to pay a fee which will be determined during consultation with the musician.

6. OTHER FEES: A gratuity should typically be offered to the Minister for his/her participation in a wedding.

Those using the facilities are required to submit their plans to the Pastor and the Office as soon as possible. This is to insure that plans for rearrangement of the facility and decorations conform with the church’s policies. Such plans must be approved by the Church Pastor/designee at least one week in advance of the event so there will be time to prepare for the event.


1. The church wedding is an act of worship and the mood of the service should be one marked by the spirit of reverence. This should be remembered in choice of music, readings, and decorations. Flash photography during the ceremony is discouraged.

2. Since the Lord’s Table represents the presence of Jesus Christ and His reign among us, it is reserved for the Sacrament, and for offerings that have been dedicated to God. Therefore, it is not appropriate that floral arrangements or other decorations be placed on it. It is not to be moved from the chancel area or to be hidden by floral arrangements, greenery, or candle arrangements. (Of course this is NOT the case for a funeral.) It may be moved forward or backward, or to the wall under the clock. The cross may be placed on the platform in front of the podium. Staff must be present and help with rearranging if required at time of event.

3. Non-drip candles must be used. Florists are responsible for any wax or markings on furniture, floors, or carpet, and must leave the church and other facilities clean and orderly.

4. No nails, tacks, or sharp pointed attachments shall be used on any of the furnishings or floors. Absolutely no duct tape, floral tape, or tape of any kind will be used on any surface anywhere in the facility.

5. Simplicity is always in good taste, and special care should be taken not to try to make the Sanctuary into something other than what it is, which is the House of God.

6. No rice shall be thrown inside the church facilities.

7. The Sanctuary will be decorated for Christmas the entire month of December, and the decorations must not be disturbed.

8. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages shall be served or consumed on the church property. If Communion is served, it must be offered to everyone in attendance, and grape juice shall be used.

9. The wedding party should contact FPC’s pianist or organist-on-call early so the music to be used may be discussed. The pianist/organist can be helpful in suggesting appropriate music, both vocal and instrumental. The most acceptable music is that which helps place the event in the context of worship and gives meaningful expression to God’s place in the event. (See B. FEES, #5, above, for additional information.)

10. Weddings must be scheduled far enough in advance to allow time for the Pastor and couple to meet together and discuss freely the implications of their wedding. The Pastor will contact the couple to set up the initial meeting.

11. If a couple wants a minister of another church to perform or assist in their wedding, a request must be made to FPC’s Pastor, who may issue the invitation after consulting with the Session.


1. Members may use plates, punch bowls and other items belonging to the church provided permission is secured in advance and provisions are made for their cleaning and return.

2. If the table cloths owned by the church are used by members or non-members, there will be a $15 cleaning fee, payable in advance, for each table cloth used. (This fee does not apply to normal committee functions of the church, for example the Graduation Dinner.)


The Parlor is available for use for officially sponsored Church functions, other appropriate uses, and as a dressing or gathering room for weddings (member and non-member). Refer to Fee Schedule above. Food and drink are permitted in the Parlor as long as such are used with extreme care.


  1. The Church staff is responsible for the kitchen and all kitchen equipment.
  1. The Church china and flatware shall not leave the premises.
  1. The Church china with the FPC emblem shall not be used by any outside group.
  1. Renters must coordinate their food preparation and serving plans with the Church staff.
  1. Renters are responsible to replace, repair, and/or clean any FPC items used during a function.

1. A Rental Agreement for the proper use of the facilities must be signed by the group (family) using the facilities and/or their wedding director (if applicable).

2. A date on the church calendar is not reserved until a rental agreement and a deposit has been received and acknowledged by the church office.

3. This agreement will be sent after the Session has approved the event.

  1. All requests must be approved by the Session, and the Session has the authority to make any changes in these rules based on needs and concerns present at that time.

3. A key to the Fellowship Hall door will be available to the responsible person making the arrangements at an appropriate time before the event. The key must be returned to the Church Office as soon as the event is complete. This key is not to be duplicated, loaned to, or passed on to any other person without receiving prior permission from the Church. The Damage Deposit will not be refunded until the key is returned.

*NOTE: The Staff fee is an automatic charge; no exceptions will be made.